what is it & who can benefit

Pediatric CranioSacral

what is it & who can benefit

There is a new wave of awareness in the allopathic and complementary health communities that will greatly benefit everyone who seeks treatment.

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive hands-on practice that can provide profound, and long lasting healing results for many patients with chronic pain. The client is clothed on the treatment table, much like physical therapy or chiropractic.

After just a few sessions of this marvelous healing modality many clients are rid of their nagging pain and regain their joy for living.

This new way of thinking is one that keeps the client’s individual health goals as highest priority, and also maintains strong communication between all practitioners involved.

ilani Kopiecki is trained to read the cranial rhythm of the body. The cranial rhythm is separate and distinct from the breath rate and heart beat. By putting hands on gently, ilani can feel this rhythm anywhere in the body. In particular, she is looking for a lack of this rhythm, and by treating those areas she can treat the source of a wide range of physical problems, rather the just the symptoms.


The birthing process is one of the most miraculous and strenuous events a mother and child can experience. The mother must endure immense pressure within the pelvic area while giving birth. And her baby, as well, must move through a relatively small space in order to come into the world. Mom can benefit from a session to help her pelvis and lower back to release and realign. Baby can benefit by gentle help with releasing any tightness from the birth experience.


Sucking problems can be caused by an improper latch by the baby’s mouth due to a variety of reasons; birth defects, birth trauma, or incorrect muscle control. Through gentle touch, a baby can regain the proper sucking and drinking mechanics to enjoy a pain free and happy nursing experience. An experienced CS therapist can gently release the tight tissues inside the baby’s mouth, including the tongue, tmj’s, upper and lower palates, and mandibles.

pediatric CST testimonials

Ollie was just a newborn, 2 weeks old, when we brought him into ilani for craniosacral therapy. He was born with Caput (2 large bumps on his head) due to a traumatic birth). After two treatments he was more coherent. He was looking at us in the eyes and it seemed like he was paying attention to his surroundings. The bumps on his head went down and spread out. His skull had moved to a rounder form, especially his forehead. When he was 6 weeks old the Caput was completely gone! I would recommend Ilani and craniosacral therapy to all those who have had traumatic births!

Hannah T. – Mother

cranial bone displacement

“I’m so glad to have found Ilani! Our chiropractor recommended craniosacral therapy for our 8 year old son, Joshua. He developed ridges in the bones of his forehead and the sides of his head from an extremely traumatic pregnancy and birth. Joshua received 3 treatments from Ilani. Miraculously his cranial bones shifted into place (no more ridges!). And even more amazing is that he is much more focused and calm.”

adele c. – mother

infant hip displacement

“My six month old infant was learning to crawl and I noticed he dragged his left leg.  He also favored his right side when he rolled. Within 15 minutes of work, Ilani had released his left hip and pelvic area, and he was pushing with his left leg!  He immediately began to crawl normally!”

monica w. – mother

infant severe torticollis

“Taylor had torticollis at birth. His head tilted severely to the left and he could not straighten it out. I took Taylor to ilani when he was 6 months old. The treatments significantly decreased the muscle tightness in his neck, and helped his facial features become much more symmetrical. He also started sleeping better and developed a better, happier demeanor.”

julie a. – mother

CST specific relief

back pain

Infant back pain can be caused by unusual positioning in the womb or during the birthing process pain and discomfort can cause irritable sleep and/or latching issues. CST can gently release the back tissues, and baby is able to move pain free.

cranial issues

ilani is highly experienced with helping babies with cranial issues such as cranial override, flat head and torticollis.  After a few gentle sessions baby can be free of tight tissues, the cranial bones can realign, and baby has more flexibility of movement.


CranioSacral Therapy has proven invaluable in loosening the temporal mandible joint, and all other parts of the upper and lower palates of the mouth. Many babies have been relieved of TMJ syndrome simply by having a few gentle CST sessions.

service fees

Craniosacral Therapy – Families & Seniors

60 minutes $185

Craniosacral Therapy – Infants & Children

60 minutes $195

Energy Medicine – Remote  &  In Office Session

60 minutes $185

Sacred Ceremonies –  Your Marin Location

Marin – $250