Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine

Personal sessions ~ in office & remotely

Utilizing the wisdom of her energetic Shamanic skills,ilani offers in person and distance healing sessions for her clients.

Calling upon Higher Guidance, ilani works with clearing the physical body, as well as the energetic field of the client. The source of the distress is addressed and released with grace and ease. Clients feel restored and free from emotional, mental and physical stress, able to enter into their lives with freedom and joy.

She can treat many physical ailments, including: migraine headaches, scoliosis, sciatica, sore joints, pulled muscles, and neuromuscular conditions. She can also help release emotional and mental blocks. ilani is gentle, yet effective at her craft!

the healing tradition

The Peruvian Q’ero People and Energy MedicineThe Peruvian Q’ero medicine people have practiced their craft for thousands of years. They are descendants of the Inca spirit workers who escaped the conquistadors, and traveled to the highest Peruvian mountains to preserve their culture and spiritual way of life.Reading the signs in nature of planetary distress, they re-joined the outer world in the mid 20th century to warn all people of Earth’s very possible destruction.

It is their life service to offer healing and hope to all through their deep connection to the natural world and giving vital energy clearing practices and ceremonies to many cultures around the world.The Q’ero medicine women and men hold to the truth that as we heal ourselves so the world around us can be healed.

Sacred ceremonies done in your home & office

ilani has been blessed to train with the Four Winds Institute in the Q’ero healing tradition, and has practiced this art for ten years.

ilani offers Peruvian Q’ero energy medicine ceremonies to bless and renew family, home or business. This process helps magnify and support harmony and abundance – clearing the way for new beginnings.

-New House Blessing-New Baby/Family Blessing-New Office Blessing-Coming of Age Celebration


“I went into our remote healing session, and was immediately put at ease by ilani’s focus and her calming heartfelt guidance. I got up from my session with a sense of clarity and mindfulness that I hadn’t felt in a long while. I honestly was ‘cleared’. Remotely. And my body felt released.  ilani leaves you with guidance to take forward and I know that I will tap into that daily. ilani is the real thing.

Michele D.

“After my first session with ilani, I came away with such peace of mind and a sense of ‘knowing’ that things were all happening with perfect harmony. I haven’t felt this at ease in…I can’t remember how long! I highly recommend you gift yourself or a family member with a session.”

Suzanna G.

“ilani is an amazing healer. She has given me both in person and  remote sessions. She has helped me relocate my inner strength and provided me many tools for my healing journey that I can utilize outside of our sessions. She is compassionate and I always feel seen and heard during our sessions, and afterwards I feel very empowered. Both her craniosacral therapy and energy medicine work have helped my chronic pain.”

Kendall J.

service fees

Craniosacral Therapy – Families & Seniors

60 minutes $185

Craniosacral Therapy – Infants & Children

60 minutes $195

Energy Medicine – Remote  &  In Office Session

60 minutes $185

Sacred Ceremonies –  Your Marin Location

Marin – $250