CST & Nursing Infants

A mother and baby usually share a beautiful, peaceful bonding experience every time her child nurses. When that experience is compromised, the results can be stressful, and even heart breaking, for both parents and their child. CranioSacral therapy can dramatically help nursing problems. Through gentle touch, most times less than 1 gram, baby can regain the proper sucking and drinking mechanics to enjoy a pain free and happy nursing experience.

Sucking problems usually are caused by an improper latch by the baby’s mouth. That can be attributed to a variety of reasons, such as birth defects, birth trauma, or incorrect muscle control. Whatever the reason, CranioSacral therapy can help. An experienced CS therapist can gently release the tight tissues inside the baby’s mouth, including the tongue, tmj’s, upper and lower palates, and mandibles. She can also help release any upper thoracic, neck and cranial tension that may contribute to the baby’s improper sucking motion. This helps the baby’s body to relax, so he/she can experience pain free sucking.

After the first session, mom will have homework to help baby continue to release the tissues in the mouth, and also the tight jaw joints. That may include tongue and surrounding mouth tissue massage, and gently working those tight tmj’s. Together, with a trained therapist’s help, mom and baby will be on the road to recovery, and a truly wonderful nursing experience.