CranioSacral & Sinus Pain

When the weather turns sunny and warm we all want to kick up our heels and spend some quality time outdoors. But sinus trouble can put a damper on our wonderful plans. When the pressure, pain, dripping and sneezing begins it’s difficult to be outside, let alone having any fun. Never fear, craniosacral therapy is here! Through the light touch of craniosacral treatment many sinus sufferers have found tremendous relief.

CranioSacral therapy was developed by osteopath Dr.John Upledger over 40 years ago. His school, The Upledger Institute, trains and certifies therapists worldwide. There are thousands of practitioners; some who integrate this technique within their professions, and others that specialize solely in this healing modality. Since CranioSacral Therapy is based on light touch, an experienced practitioner can detect deep holding patterns anywhere within the body (including the mouth and cranial bones), and treat accordingly. Babies and children also respond quite well to CS treatment.

Treatment for sinus pressure and pain may include gentle release of the tissues underneath the facial and nasal bones, some light release of the TMJ and occipital areas, and neck vertebrae decompression. When the tissues surrounding the bones are released and relaxed, the circulation can flow into those areas and the tightness is relieved. Many times clients can stop taking their sinus medication because the pain and pressure have dissipated.

Because of its non-invasive nature, CranioSacral therapy can also be used for children with sinus conditions. A therapist with pediatric training will be glad to help your little one breathe easier.

So when you want to go outside and play, don’t let sinus problems block your way. CranioSacral treatment could be your ticket to a fun and pain free summer.