Pediatric CranioSacral Testimonials

Pediatric CranioSacral Testimonials

Joshua and Cranial Bone Displacement

I’m so glad to have found ilani! My son, Joshua, is doing well. When I was 28 weeks pregnant with Joshua, I was climbing from the back of our pickup truck and fell. Within an hour or so, I went into premature labor. When my midwife checked me, she could feel his head next to the cervix. Because I was dilating, my physician had me go to total bed rest and prescribed labor stopping drugs as needed. At 37 weeks, I finally delivered a beautiful boy with a mass of silvery-blond hair.

Everything seemed to be OK at first, but as he grew through his first year, he suffered terrible ear infections. By the time he was 2 years old, we could plainly tell that he was hearing impaired, and had copious amounts of energy. He used to rock back and forth banging his head against the back of the sofa or against the wall, making monotone sounds. Whenever he got into a swing for more than 5 minutes he would pass out. At the age of 3½, he got hearing aids and his fainting decreased. But in school drove everyone crazy with his annoying noises and endless energy.

One day, our chiropractor was giving a bone demonstration to her class. I asked her to feel his head because I had noticed that he had definite ridges along the sutures of his frontal, parietal, and temporal bones. She recommended that we find a craniosacral specialist and see if we could separate the overlapping plates. So at 8 years old Joshua received 3 treatments from ilani. Miraculously his cranial bones shifted into place (no more ridges!). And even more amazing is that he is much more focused and calm. He is now anticipating learning all he can to achieve his goals when he’s grown. His bedwetting is minimal, and I rarely see him tapping things needlessly. So now he does cartwheels on the lawn, not in the house! We thank ilani for her help.

Adele S., Mother

A Mother’s Story

My experience of craniosacral therapy with my children has been fascinating, and exciting. I feel it is such a gentle way to support my children’s physical and emotional development. We all have patterns of holding and I have witnessed immediate results with my children. My six month old infant was learning to crawl and I noticed he dragged his left leg. He also favored his right side when he rolled. Within 15 minutes of work, ilani had released his left hip and pelvic area, and he was pushing with his left leg! He immediately began to crawl normally! My four year old has been treated by ilani for head bumps, emotional stress, and congestion. Each time there is a quick and apparent physical shift. Also, his mental and emotional states are balanced. Now if he feels he needs a session he asks for it!

Monica T., Mother

Taylor and Severe Torticollis

Taylor had torticollis at birth. His head tilted severely to the left and he could not straighten it out.

I took Taylor into ilani when he was 6 months old. The treatments significantly decreased the muscle tightness in his neck, and helped his facial features become much more symmetrical. He also started sleeping better, and over all developed a better, happier demeanor.

His neck and face muscles are now symmetrical. We are so pleased with his treatments with ilani and feel that they made a significant improvement to our son’s torticollis.

We tried every other remedy and ilani’s treatments were what made the biggest difference!

Julie A., Mother

Ollie and Birth Trauma

Ollie was just a newborn, 2 weeks old, when we brought him into ilani for craniosacral therapy. He was born with Caput (2 large bumps on his head) due to a traumatic birth.

As soon as he had a treatment he was more coherent. He was looking at us in the eyes and it seemed like he was paying attention to his surroundings, which he had never done before. Even his skin coloring seemed a lot clearer. The bumps on his head seemed to go down and spread out a little. We made another appointment 2 days later and after the second treatment. It seemed like his skull had moved to a rounder form, especially in his forehead. It wasn’t so flat. The bumps seemed to be wider and not standing up as high as they had been.

When he was 6 weeks old the Caput was completely gone!

I would recommend ilani and craniosacral therapy to all those who have had traumatic births!

Hannah O., Mother