Energy Medicine Testimonials

Energy Medicine Testimonials

I want to send a huge thank you to ilani Kopiecki for the most beautiful Craniosacral session this morning…for my little pup. He had dental surgery yesterday and I knew her work would help him recover from the procedure. We worked over Facetime – Mickey perked right up at her voice and picture, then immediately laid right in front of the phone and relaxed for his session. I could feel the releases, and he yawned and stretched as she eased the tension in his neck, jaws, and head. Then she helped me feel better too, as I had a lot of residual stress and worry from the day. ilani’s great work translates beautifully to distance sessions – take it from Mickey :)

Kathleen A.


Like many of us, I’ve been stewing and spinning a bit, and my body has also taken a turn for the worse. I went into our session, and was immediately put at ease by her focus and her calming heartfelt guidance. I got up from my session with a sense of clarity and mindfulness that I haven’t felt in a while. I honestly was ‘cleared’. Remotely. And my body felt released. Hours later I am still under the positive effectiveness of this session. She leaves you with guidance to take forward and I know that I will tap into that daily. ilani is the real thing.

Michele D.


After my first session with ilani, I came away with such peace of mind and a sense of ‘knowing’ that things were all happening with perfect harmony. I haven’t felt this at ease in…I can’t remember how long! I highly recommend you gift yourself or a family member a session.

Suzanna G.