CranioSacral for Older Adults

As we get older, more aches and pains can appear in our bodies. Physical activity that we took for granted when we were young can sometimes bring sore, tight muscles and chronic pain. After an injury or operation we may never quite feel the same. And, in general, we find that many of our physical ailments take longer heal. For the senior crowd, craniosacral therapy can provide much relief.

Craniosacral therapy is a light touch healing modality that is practiced on a treatment table, much like chiropractic or physical therapy. The client is clothed during the session, and need not practice any exercises or movement during the treatment. In fact, most clients get very relaxed, and some even fall asleep. The therapist is trained to find the underlying cause of an ailment, and can treat anywhere on the body for tissue release. In fact, CS therapists can also work on the cranial and facial bones, as well as the mouth and jaw. Craniosacral therapy can treat many ailments, including neck pain, sciatica, scoliosis, migraine headaches, TMJ, vertigo, hearing problems, as well as injury and operation recovery.

Because craniosacral therapy is based on light touch, it is perfect for many seniors that cannot take rough or jarring movement. And because an experienced practitioner can get right to the root of the problem, even long-standing discomfort can be permanently relieved. I encourage you to look at the website of the doctor who developed craniosacral therapy 35 years ago, The Upledger Institute has been in operation for over 30 years, and has trained thousands of practitioners, including me. Then schedule a session with a craniosacral therapist. You will be glad you did.