CranioSacral Therapy for Children

It has been my privilege and honor to be able to work with children of all ages within my CranioSacral therapy practice. Children definitely have needs and expressions that are different from the adult world. In general, they respond to light touch therapy with much grace and ease. Their bodies haven’t weathered life’s ups and downs, so they are usually more alive and responsive. Most of my little clients are active, and need a flexible treatment program. Sometimes I may be lying on the floor with an 18 month old, waiting for a neck release, as she happily plays with the toys I provide for her. In another session, I may be having mom read a story to a four year old while I am assisting his lower back to come into alignment. Or, I might be working with a newborn infant, who is fussy and tired, but needs very light cranial work after a traumatic birth. In each case I find that by being patient and flexible, and by trusting what my hands find with that small body, I reap great rewards from their journey into wellness.

CranioSacral therapy is a hands on healing modality based on light touch. For an experienced practitioner, that’s all it takes to see profound results. CS was developed by Dr. John Upledger in the 1970’s, and today there are thousands of practitioners world wide. Any person, large or small, can receive CranioSacral therapy. The client is clothed on the treatment table, much like physical therapy and chiropractic. What makes CS unique is the light touch involved. For adults, many times the hand pressure is no more than five grams; the weight of a nickel. For children, depending on their age, the pressure is often times much less. That is why children respond so readily to CS work; it is non-invasive and based on the principle that the practitioner is helping that body self heal into wellness.

I have seen many children throughout the years of my practice, and CS can help a wide variety of ailments. CS is wonderful in helping newborns regain their sucking reflex and coaxing the cranial bones into healthy alignment after child birth. Children with neck, headache, back, and joint problems can be relieved of pain and find flexibility and freedom of movement. Teenagers with migraines or scoliosis can experience pain relief and a sense of deep peace within their bodies. Hyperactivity and restlessness can dissipate. The list goes on and on! The best way to find out if CranioSacral therapy is right for your child is to call a therapist and arrange for a phone consultation. Or better yet, schedule your own treatment and experience this phenomenal therapy for yourself!