Co-Authored by ilani Kopiecki. Now taking pre-orders! Contact us directly HERE for your own autographed copy.

Imagine a world where happy people live together in peace and harmony. Imagine a world where your needs were met and your self-care was the number one focus in your life. Now, imagine that that time is sooner than you think! This powerful anthology, Empowered Self-Care: Healing, Body, Mind, and Soul, births the possibility of this empowerment consciousness. This multi-faceted healing manual offers the collective wisdom of numerous holistic leaders. With stress, anxiety, depression, and physical pain on the rise during these changing times, there has never been a more appropriate time in history for each of us to examine our thoughts, practices, and values around our own self-care, and how each of us affects the greater whole. Pull up a seat, lean in, listen-up, and learn from these masterful practitioners, spiritual teachers, transformational coaches, and new thought leaders as they share their hearts, their stories, and their expanded view of empowered self-care. Now is the perfect time to empower your own self-care!