Allopathic and Complementary Health Treatments:  Working Together for Clients Wellness

There is a new wave of awareness in the allopathic and complementary health communities that will greatly benefit everyone who seeks treatment. This new way of thinking is one that keeps the client’s individual health goals as highest priority, and also maintains strong communication between all practitioners involved.

Nowadays most clients want to know all the information about their medical condition, including choices of treatment, so that they can make the best possible decision about their healing process. Depending on the diagnosis, they may need immediate medication and/or surgery, or choose to use complementary treatment; such as acupuncture, bodywork, craniosacral therapy, homeopathy, nutrition, or biofeedback.

Whether the goal is to try to avoid more invasive techniques (such as surgery and/or medication) or to work in conjunction with existing medical treatment, the complementary health community can be extremely helpful. All the client needs is education about available complementary health practices, and guidance from their trusted physician.

As long as the condition isn’t critical, nowadays many medical practitioners encourage their clients to try complementary therapies to see if their condition is lessened or completely alleviated. This can be part of the “watchful waiting” phase of medical help. And the less invasive the therapy, the quicker the client will be on the road to wellness.

So what treatment to choose? I suggest you use your computer to investigate different treatments and what medical conditions they can help. When you have a good idea which treatment interests you, look in your local phone book or on line and give those practitioners a call. In most cases they will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. Also, ask your medical practitioner if she/he knows about that therapy, and if this one might be best to try.

Lastly, if your instinct says to go for it, then do it! You will never know unless you try! Most experienced complementary health practitioners will be honest with you about length and quantity of treatment, and if their therapy is the right one for you.

If the therapy works, please do give feedback to your physician! The information may be helpful to other clients they may be treating. Also, it keeps the communication flowing from the complementary health community to the allopathic world. And this will benefit everyone!