Adult CST Endorsements

I met Ilani by a reference from a massage therapist. I just expected her to spread some oil on my sore back. She totally surprised me when she did some of her craniosacral work. She was able to activate different parts of my muscle systems which actually changed my skeletal structure. Most remarkably, just after a few sessions, the severe scoliosis that I had suffered since birth dramatically and permanently improved.

I was working with an exercise program when I started sessions with Ilani. My back felt like the exercises pushed up a ball to the top of a mountain peak and it was teetering on the peak. Ilani felt like she just gently pushed the ball down the mountain and my body unraveled into place.

Michael – Severe Scoliosis from Rhode Island

Back Pain

Ilani was able to completely eliminate the severe pain I had been experiencing in my upper back and neck in one session. Her treatment was gentle yet highly effective.

Rhonda Armbrust

Knee Injury

I injured my knee and had knee surgery several months ago. Though my surgery went well, my knee and hip were both giving me pain. Ilani’s healing hands ad 2 sessions of cranial sacral work really helped me a lot. My knee and hip pain are gone and I am walking more easily. Ilani is a very caring person and gifted healer.

Toni, Sandpoint

Tense Shoulders

In my sessions with Ilani I experience a deep sense of letting go. Her healing hands seem to reach into my tissue in a very gentle but effective way. What I released was much more then physical pain, it was an emotional holding that has loosened up greatly since my sessions.

Kate Potticary

Emotional Healing

For years I have carried a knot in my chest from anger and irritability over the smallest things. After one treatment by Ilani that dissolved and I have had much peace.

L. Hubbard

Lower Back Pain, Neck, and Jaw Problems

I have been to Ilani for many physical problems. Her craniosacral work with neck and jaw pain is nothing short of amazing. She has enabled our entire family to live more pain and stress-free lives. Ilani is kind and gentle and has provided our family with valuable treatment. She will be in our lives for a long time to come!

Chris Q.

Severe Chronic Pain in Jaw, Head, and Spine

I came to see Ilani for treatment of severe chronic pain. I had suffered over 10 years with chronic physical symptoms resulting from traumatic injuries.

After 7 sessions, I can now sit in any chair with no pain in my tailbone. In addition, my TMJ symptoms have improved to the extent that my back teeth now meet properly when I chew.

Ilani proved to be a gently, compassionate, understanding professional.


Professional Endorsements

Ilani’s work enhances my own health as well as the health of my clients. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any craniosacral therapy or bodywork session. She is experienced, thorough and gets the job done.

Arthur Goldblum, L.A.C., Dipl. AC.- Acupuncturist

Ilani Kopiecki is truly a gifted healer and a master of the art of craniosacral therapy. The Sandpoint community is blessed to have a healing practitioner of her caliber. I highly recommend her treatment.

Dr. William Mihin, Chiropractic Physician

Ilani is an expert at helping a person integrate and release their aliments. She helped me physically and emotionally through her healing touch. Aches and pains, emotional grief – they all melt away when she is working with you. I whole heartedly recommend her! My whole family has seen her, and we appreciate our help for our children, too.
Thanks, Ilani!

Kimberlee Langford, RN

I took the opportunity to visit Ilani for craniosacral therapy for some shoulder and neck pain that has been bothering me for years. My experience with Ilani has been life-changing. Ilani welcomed me warmly, and took the time to investigate what the problems were, what I felt had led up to the problems, and then gently guided me down the path to healing with craniosacral therapy. My shoulder and neck pain are relieved, my sleep has improved, and I feel energetic and more able to engage with life again. I highly recommend Ilani for adults and pediatrics.
Thank you, Ilani!

Tricia Dickens, MD