Online Craniosacral Therapy & Energy Medicine Healing

Utilizing the wisdom of her Craniosacral Therapy and Energetic Shamanic skills, ilani offers distance healing sessions for any and all clients that prefer the comfort of their own home. Calling upon Higher Guidance, ilani works with clearing the physical body, as well as the energetic field of the client. The source of the distress is addressed and released with grace and ease. Clients feel restored and free from emotional, mental and physical stress, able to enter into their lives with freedom and joy. She can treat many physical ailments, including: migraine headaches, scoliosis, sciatica, sore joints, pulled muscles, and neuromuscular conditions. She can also help release emotional and mental blocks. ilani is gentle, yet effective at her craft!

Online Craniosacral Therapy & Energy Medicine Healing Session – 60 minutes  $180


To learn about or to set up an integrated bodywork session, please call: 415.858.4476 or email: